The RHPO Board of Directors

The RHPO is Not for Profit organization, incorporated in the province of Ontario. The RHPO has also been granted Charitable Status by the CRA. It is overseen by a Board of Directors, in accordance with the Corporation’s by-laws. The day-to-day management and operation of the organization is conducted by a dedicated team of volunteers from the community.

General Manager                                     Qazim Kallushi

Board of Directors, 2015-2016

Chair                                                                   Betty Romanchuk

President                                                           Elisabet Kun

Vice President                                                  David West

Finance                                                              Ted Papadatos

Treasurer                                                          K.K. Chow

Secretary                                                           Melba Lui

Artistic Director, Conductor                         Jessica  Kun

Creative Director / Communications         Catherine Clarke

Position Descriptions                                     Mary Lynn McCready

Operations Director                                        Mark Milner

Fundraising                                                      Heather Msi

Board/Membership Liaison                         Tyler Reznick

Website Manager                                            Tim Skinner

Fundraising – Grants                                      Jacques Gaboury

Communications                                             Michael Frankfort

Director                                                             The Honourable Bryon Wilfert

In addition, the board is assisted by a group of distinguished members of the community with experience in various areas of business, arts, and the community, who comprise an advisory council to the Board of Directors.

The advisory council is currently made up of:

David Barrow, Mayor Richmond Hill

Dave Bigelow

Karen Cilevitz – Councillor Ward 5

Majid Jowhari, MP

Costas Menegakis

Justin Mooney, Legal Advisor

Reza Moridi, MPP

Claire Willison – working member