To Our Friends, Patrons and Supporters,

I had hoped to be welcoming you in person at our Sounds of the Season Holiday Concert.  This was to be our first concert back at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts since COVID forced us to cut our 2019/20 season short.  Unfortunately, COVID had other plans and we were once again forced to delay the start of our 2021/22 season.  I am sure you all share my desire to see the end of the pandemic.

That being said, I want to assure you that we are still here and are still going strong!  Although COVID forced us to postpone in-person performances, the RHPO has been able to practice and perform virtually.  We will continue to do so until conditions allow us to safely return to the Centre.  Whether it is in February, April or June, we will be back, performing live for you. And until then, enjoy our virtual concerts and other treats found here. 

Finally, I am sure that it comes as no surprise to you that this past year or so, has been very hard on the RHPO.  Like all other artistic endeavors, the restrictions necessitated by COVID has placed a considerable financial strain on us to maintain operations. Any help you can provide, no matter the amount, would be gratefully welcomed.  Your donations are always appreciated! Donate Now

As always, the RHPO thanks you for your continued support!  

All the very best,

Jacques Gaboury

President and Chair of the RHPO

Enjoy Our Gift of Music!

The Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra is comprised of professional, amateur, and talented university and high school student musicians. The age range of the musicians span 13 years old to those with significantly more life experience. The orchestra represents cultures from across the globe and its musicians practice daily professions from every area of the community.

The Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra

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