Enjoy Our Gift of Music!

Dear Music Lovers,

I want to thank you for your support of the RHPO and for sharing music with us over the past 12 years. I miss making music for you. I miss the wonderful musicians I have the honor to make music with. And you can’t imagine how much I miss making music! While we are living in a new “normal” that changes by the minute, I am optimistic that we will all meet again. I have made plans for our 2020/21 season, in hopes that we are gifted with the opportunity to play and share our music sooner than later. In the meantime, I am crafting some projects to engage our RHPO musicians, to get them back to making music together, but on a virtual platform. Technology platforms are being developed to allow me to realize things in my imagination, to continue making and sharing music with you. I’m working on it and we will let you know when we get something nice to share with you. Each concert program I plan, is a little work of art in itself, with a repertoire that is judiciously selected and conceptualized into a 2(ish) hour program, to take you on a journey that might enlighten, educate, and engage you in a memorable way. This, with the wonderful multimedia and beautiful lighting I am able to design, to support the music, thanks to our wonderful concert hall, makes each of our concerts very special, in hopes to take us all to a unique place for a few hours every six weeks. The 2020/21 season promises to be wonderful. We will have new guest artists on various programs throughout the season and, the first three concerts are brand new. Since we were unable to share our April and June concerts with you, this season, I feel you have missed out! I had planned wonderful things for you and the orchestra. Don’t worry. You didn’t lose out. I have programmed those two concerts for April and June 2021. In the meantime, I would like to invite you to send me a repertoire you would like to hear in the future. I would love to compile a long list, so I can choose things that fit with my artistic vision on particular concerts. I hope to have an “audience choice” repertoire on every future concert program. Please send me an email, with your to conductor@rhpo.ca I look forward to seeing you again soon in the concert hall. In the meantime, I hope our paths will cross (not too close, though) around Richmond Hill, in a “Virtual Music” setting soon, and that everyone stays healthy and find happiness at every opportunity.

All very best,

Dr. Jessica V. Kun, Conductor/Artistic Director,

Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra

The Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra is comprised of professional, amateur, and talented university and high school student musicians. The age range of the musicians span 13 years old to those with significantly more life experience. The orchestra represents cultures from across the globe and its musicians practice daily professions from every area of the community.

Please note: Due to the COVID19 outbreak, registration and auditions will be postponed until further notice. Check back for updates!

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